Some of the many Caminos de Santiago

La cathédrale du Puy-en-Velay

La Bête du Gévaudan at Saugues

Two Norwegian guys outside Abbaye Sainte-Foy, Conques

Street scene in Conques

The lanes of Figeac

The Pont Valentré in Cahors

Old railway station at Bretagne d'Armagnac This pony tried to snatch my lunch Roger from Bretagne Minature goats Chris with one foot in France and the other in Spain The Monastery at Roncesvalles Confusing sign - shell points right, white arrow points left, yellow arrow points straight on!! The Gaudí designed bishop's palace in Astorga Rabanal del Camino Chris at Ponferrada Storks nesting on steeple at Cacabelos Cruz de Ferro - highest point of Camino Chris at Cruz de Ferro Ermitage at Cruz de Ferro

Darrell in hermit cave near Acebo

Run off the trail by cows!! Group of peregrinos at O Cebreiro Big stick Maria Anton, Petra, Anna Maria, and Barbara Anne, Tina, and Patricia Ute and Anne David and Annie David, Anne and Ute

The pulperia at Melide

Tina, Hélène, Darrell, and Patricia Tina, Patricia, Javier, Hélène, and Chris Chris and Soraya at Arca Hélène Patricia at Arca

The botafumiero

Demonstration at Santiago in support of Galician language and Culture Group of peregrinos at Cathedral de Santiago

Sunset at Finisterre

Barbara at Finisterre Finisterre Finisterre Barbara at Finisterre